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I’ve backed a fair number of Kickstarter game projects at this point, and this one was interesting for a few reasons: it only cost $5 (!?) to jump in, the product came in an envelope rather than a box, and

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NuGames to Review

Lots of small – and not so small – new games to review I’ve obtained over the last 8 or so months. Quick run-down of names but nothing more, and in no particular order: Hanabi, Castellan, Ogre Pocket, Ninja: Legend

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Just got this one for my birthday! It combines elements of several fun games/game types/game elements: mancala trick-taking games simple area control worker placement bonus stacking/combos populace fulfillment While there are a lot of actions, commodities, and lots of special

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Latest and Greatest (and one flop)

Now that I’m working again and in better spirits, I’ve also been picking up a few new games. Mostly, they’ve been awesome. Here’s a review of all of them in brief. The Duke – This was a real winner.

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Dungeon Lords

Dungeon Lords, a game by Vlaada Chvatil. Published in the US by Z-Man games. This is the second game I’ve purchased that Z-Man has released, (the other was Earth Reborn, review coming soon!) and I have a feeling it won’t

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