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So I started writing this story…

I haven’t blogged in what feels like decades. Not that I was ever a prolific-come-wit-it writer, other than a few short stories and a half-baked cyberpunk novel that was more a love letter to my newfound fiction obsession in high

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Whitehack review part the first

Been reading a tiny bit of Whitehack  most days for the last few weeks. Reading and rereading to make sure I understand everything. It’s a funny thing, and I wonder how many other “the printed word is sacrosanct and I

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The Plant

Some folks may have heard of Jason Morningstar’s little title, The Plant. Some may have even played through it. I had come across it before, but it wasn’t until Gnome Stew guru Martin Ralya posted to Google Plus about his

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I’ve backed a fair number of Kickstarter game projects at this point, and this one was interesting for a few reasons: it only cost $5 (!?) to jump in, the product came in an envelope rather than a box, and

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The Last of Us

Have started playing. Just played the opening scene up to the “20 years later” scrawl. Very visceral, very emotional so far without being over sentimental. Feels like the folds from Two Souls/Heavy Rain had something to do with this. CG

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This is the second game I’ve purchased designed by Carl Chudyk, the first being the amazing Innovation. I’ll surely be giving that game a review before too long, but for now let’s focus on Impulse. A fairly generic space-centric science

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The Missing

So Terri (that’d be my wife) and I are starting a two-payer, GM-less roleplaying game we’re calling The Missing. It’s powered by Fate Accelerated and Mythic GME and it’s going to be awesome. It stars Terri and myself as Jamie

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Lunchtime Microgames

My latest obsession (ok, one of a few) in gaming seems to be that of what I’m deeming “lunchtime microgames”. These are quick games – typically also of diminutive size, frequently card games – which can most importantly be played

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NuGames to Review

Lots of small – and not so small – new games to review I’ve obtained over the last 8 or so months. Quick run-down of names but nothing more, and in no particular order: Hanabi, Castellan, Ogre Pocket, Ninja: Legend

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Space Hulk: Death Angel

This review has been a long time coming. I’ve has this game for quite a while, and have played over a dozen sessions, both solo and with teammates. Death Angel was one of the first few games I picked up

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