The Missing

So Terri (that’d be my wife) and I are starting a two-payer, GM-less roleplaying game we’re calling The Missing. It’s powered by Fate Accelerated and Mythic GME and it’s going to be awesome.

It stars Terri and myself as Jamie and Jim Jenkins, (yes, we realize James and Jamie is cheesy, but look around you, there’s plenty of couples with worse name combos) a couple of private investigators in downtown Miami in the mid 80s. Plenty of cocaine, Cubans, partying and beach scenes abound. Specifically, we deal in missing persons cases.

We both have interesting histories.

Jamie would have been a felon if charging minors as adults was a more common thing back then. Plenty of B&Es, strong-arm robberies, vandalism and GTAs on her own and among her gangland peers. She cleaned up and made good after her father passed, ending up as a star police officer for years with Miami PD. She wanted to help individuals, though, wanted to be more directly involved in their lives and so started her own detective agency. Her knowledge of police codes and procedures is legendary, and she has an uncanny ability to tell truth from lies.

Jim’s father was a cop, and he always wanted to follow in his footsteps, but never quite made it thanks to a booze problem, along with a few other chemical cocktails. Jim fell in with the wrong side of the law after his father’s death and his mother’s gambling addiction landed them deep in debt. She has since been placed in a home and is essentially a vegetable. That doesn’t mean Jim is free of the $70k+ debts she worked up, and he has more than occasional run-ins with the goons who inherited him through the bookies his mother dealt with. Jim has tons of contacts on both sides of the law, from his father’s days, from his failed attempt at joining up himself, and from years of running numbers for bookies in a hopeless attempt to pay back his mother’s debt as a teenager. As a child, he had an obsession with becoming a stage magician, and got pretty damned good at sleight of hand. He still occasionally makes use of it to this day, palming a piece of evidence from a crime scene or distracting an authority figure while Jamie does some gray deed or other. He even taught himself some minor escape artist tricks, and could manage to break out of common police cuffs if need be.

The case the Jenkins find themselves investigating currently is a young kid by the name of Brandon Talton, an EE student at MIT. He was in Miami on Spring Break, partying it up with a handful of similar brainiacs. Thing is, one morning the rest of his friends were packing up to head back to Boston, and Brandon was nowhere to be found. His family reported him missing to the police, and the Jenkins made sure to insert themselves into the story as soon as Jamie heard the report come through on her scanner.

So that’s things so far, I’ll likely post additional details here as we actually engage in play. Which should hopefully happen in the next few days. I intend to mainly focus on the fiction, but will also include bits of Fate or Mythic mechanical details (aspect lists, invocations and compels, random events or modified scenes thanks to Mythic, etc)

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