Lunchtime Microgames

My latest obsession (ok, one of a few) in gaming seems to be that of what I’m deeming “lunchtime microgames”. These are quick games – typically also of diminutive size, frequently card games – which can most importantly be played in less time than a typical lunch break.

While I’ve yet to motivate my coworkers into playing any of these games, the day soon shall pass. The first round of games to enter into this true lunchtime schedule will likely include Skittykitts and Lost Legacy: The Starship. These two games are fairly similar in terms of tiny deck size, and a bit of backstabbery goes a long way. I’d say Lost Legacy has a lot more seriousness in tone, though…

Swish is another good contender, since it takes about 10 seconds to teach and can be over in 5 minutes. Battle Line is almost certain to make the cut, though we will likely need to play with a timer to avoid analysis paralysis during an actual lunch break. Falling is GREAT fun with enough players, though they need to trust in the all-knowing referee… Great Dalmuti, Gloom (perhaps, I’m not sure it’s quick enough)

I think once my copy of Province comes in, that could really be great. Not sure I have any other compact/fast worker placement games, though.

BattleCon would be really cool, but explaining it might take more than one lunch time. Gameplay would be fast enough. Lunch Money could be cool. It’s got some of the street brawl flavor of BattleCon without the complexity, though plenty of meanness. And disturbing photos of children.

Noir: Killer vs Inspector could be a lot of fun for a 2-player game, and it’s got replayability for sure. Especially with the alternate games.

Castellan could be fun, but I haven’t tried the game myself yet!

Any press your luck game would do, starting with the obvious Zombie Dice, working up through Dungeon Roll and Ninja Dice. Definitely not enough time for Elder Sign.

Fluxx or We Didn’t Playtest This At All might be fun, but they may also just put people off gaming entirely. Unless there was beer.

Scrabble Slam! could be a nice simple time killer, unless I was playing people who hate those with decent vocabularies…

Tsuro could be good, again if we imposed a time limit on turns.

Does anyone else engage in this? If so, what suggestions have you got? Comments are welcome!

As a reference, my collection (though a few have not yet shipped…) is here: Thynctank BGG Game Listing

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