Creative Content: Story Seeds

Some of the coolest gaming aids I have are what I think of as story generators. These include random tables like Mythic (I’ll review this shortly), visual inspiration a la Everway’s Vision Cards (easily one of the more driving forces in world/character building in that game) or something both more tactile and still visual, like Rory’s Story Cubes. The cubes (let’s call them what they are, they’re pictographic dice. 9d6 of symbolic goodness.) are great for quick inspiration, for actual long-term, dynamic story elements like opposing factions and resources to vie for… And they’re still great for goofy, one-off tales to tell little kids or make yourself laugh, or something of the kind.

I’m going to start using the Cubes, both my physical and digital copies, as well as Mythic, Everway Fortune deck, and other “divination tools” to scry us up some plot ideas. It’ll be a creative exercise for me, and I’ll be sure to document the rolls of the dice, the tables, and so on to give examples of how to interpret random story generators. I’ll try to keep these posts short and to the point: a summary of my initial read of the generator, possible break-downs of story for either extended tale-telling game play or short-form background. I’ll toss in photos/screen grabs/etc at the end and be sure to caption as much as possible.

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