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Creative Content: Story Seeds

Some of the coolest gaming aids I have are what I think of as story generators. These include random tables like Mythic (I’ll review this shortly), visual inspiration a la Everway’s Vision Cards (easily one of the more driving forces

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Review: Mystic Empyrean

The setting is sketchy, but that’s ok. Not a universal RPG – far from it! – but a flavorful multiverse along the lines of Everway or [and my knowledge of this is quite minimal, so forgive me if I’m wrong]

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Nova Praxis: Core

After reading a bit more of the NP PDF than I had before my previous post, I’m certain I’ll be playing Nova Praxis using the newer Fate Core rules. This is partially due to my preference for simplicity vs explicitness,

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Nova Praxis: First Take

If you haven’t heard of Nova Praxis, you’ve got lots of company. It’s an indie RPG from the maker of Strands of Fate, itself a Fate 2 add-ons bonanza for those who prefer their aspect-oriented roleplay a little crunchier. The

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Review of PORTAL

The following review was originally written up on for the universal RPG PORTAL, which can be found at the following address: ‘Not having played this, I can only speak to the philosophies, writing style and mechanics based on

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